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Cities and villages in Peyrelevade


Mairie Peyrelevade 19290 Peyrelevade (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 94 76 61
Peyrelevade gathers the various landscape aspects of the Plate.
The common car its name of one of these stones raised, frequent in the area before christianization.
Peyrelevade proposes calms it ...

Cities and villages in Saint-Pardoux-le-Vieux

Saint Pardoux le Vieux

Mairie Bourg 19200 Saint-Pardoux-le-Vieux (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 72 16 54
Saint-Pardoux-le-Vieux, municipality oh 280 souls, very wooded, offers to walkers pleasant sites and fishing rivers, the Diège and the Liège rivers.

Major Sites :
-Confolent Castle (12th ...

Cities and villages in Saint-Exupéry-les-Roches

Saint Exupéry les Roches

Mairie 2 rue Antoine de Saint Exupéry 19200 Saint-Exupéry-les-Roches (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 72 81 59

Cities and villages in Saint-Étienne-aux-Clos

Saint Etienne aux Clos

Mairie Saint Etienne aux Clos 19200 Saint-Étienne-aux-Clos (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 94 52 56
St Etienne Aux Clos ligt op het Plateau, tussen de Gorges de Chavanon en de Gorges du Dognon, in een bosrijk gebied wat veel genoten wordt door wandelaars, vissers en jagers ( het jagen op everzwijnen ...

Cities and villages in Bort-les-Orgues

Bort les Orgues

Office de Tourisme** du Pays de Bort-Artense Place Marmontel 19110 Bort-les-Orgues (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 96 02 49

Cities and villages in Saint-Fréjoux

Saint Fréjoux

Mairie Bourg 19200 Saint-Fréjoux (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 72 27 87
Called formerly St Fréjoux Le Riche or Le Majeur, this commune takes its name from the patron of the parish St-Freculphe of Saintes. Very wooded, crossed by the Dozanne, this pretty town of 294 souls ...

Cities and villages in Chaveroche


Mairie Le Bourg 19200 Chaveroche (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 72 85 83
The name of this charming village of 216 souls, at the side of the Diège (river), in a group of hills announcing the tray, could come from "cavarupe" (rock dug). The commune was, actually, famous for ...

Cities and villages in Eygurande


Office de Tourisme* du Pays d'Eygurande RN89 19340 Eygurande (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 94 40 32
Eygurande, whose name comes from the Gaulish word "egoranda" meaning "limit", indicating the frontier between two Gaulish, the Lemovices and the Arvernes, and then between the Limoges and ...